Interested in making your fans enjoy your art in new ways ?

We want to make GIFs IRL so all that creativity can be enjoyed off the screen as well.

Flip7 is born out of fascination for small format media & the enchanting power of flipbooks. We are long-time GIF fans and use them everyday for our communication.

We also came aware of this great burgeoning art scene around that format. Playing with its limitations, often challenging our percepetions or simply crafting compelling stories, there is something truly impressive about how much creativity can be packed in such short loops.

At Flip7, we simply believe that that kind of art should be allowed to get out in the real world and impress viewers there too. We also think that artists shoud be allowed to broadcast their creations the way they want while generating revenue from it.

This is why Flip7 is working with artists to create a marketplace for GIFs on flipbooks

While it's probably just a niche of users & fans that will be interested, we want to offer artists the possibility to sell their creations on our premium flipbooks. We created a relevant support, it is now up to you to use it as your canvas. If you are interested in this possibility, get in touch so we can talk about it*. 

A partnership with you would roughly look like this :

  1. You get in touch and submit your portfolio.
  2. We have a close look at it and let you know if we are interested or not.
  3. If we are, we sign a contract that says you license us your content to be sold on our flipbooks.
  4. We upload your works on your website. Each one has a unique page and all of them are gathered in an artist page.
  5. When a flipbook is sold with your artwork, you receive a commission. (We negotiated the rate in the contract).
  6. Success !

*We can talk about it in French or German too.

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